College Plan

1.Remedial Classes to Slow Learners.

2.Extra Coaching classes are conducted for Students Admitted Late.

3.Provide Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Knowledge through organizing Practical Activity by Professor and Technologist from Different Instructional Media Developers.

4.Professors & Experts from the Universities, Colleges, are invited and Organized their lectures to help students to get practical and in-depth knowledge on subject-related areas.

5.Colleges Visits, School Visits, Field Trips Community Living Camp and Excursion Activities are organized for the students.

6.Monitoring of students’ progress is done through the Mentoring system.

7.Individual help is rendered as and when required by Respective Teachers.

8.Peer Support is also provided in some Departments.

9.The Academic Calendar is prepared as per University guidelines. The instructional days of teaching learning are fixed.

10.The Time Table Schedules and Teaching Plans are prepared at the beginning of the Academic Year.

11.Departmental meetings are held to co-ordinate its activities.

ISAs, Practical Examinations, Written Examinations and results are scheduled in the Calendar.

12.‘Calendar of Events’ with relevant information for Teachers and Students is displayed Every Month.

13.Time-Table Committee, Attendance Monitoring Committee, Discipline Committee, Examination Committee, Malpractice Committee, Grievance Committee (Academic), Tutorial Committee etc have been constituted. Report about Syllabus Completion, Activities Conducted/Attended is submitted by the teachers.

14.The Principal and Vice-Principal hold meetings regularly to analyze the reports and take necessary actions.